We know that running a small to medium sized business can be challenging. As you run your business, there are various pitfalls to heed, but watching out for all of them can be time-draining.

Nonetheless, you can be heavily financially punished for failing to take account of all of these pitfalls. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to just accept many of your current corporate techniques as necessary evils – as, with our accounting services, running a business can become much easier.

Profile is an accounting service provider offering the ‘ABCs’: advisory services, business support services and compliance services. Here is a rundown of what they entail…

Advisory services

If you have only recently started out on your business journey or wonder how you could take your current company to the next level, you could easily appreciate receiving some expert advice.

No matter what form your small to medium sized business takes, we can imbue you with crucial knowledge on how to run your company more effectively and make more of your gains. For example, we can teach you techniques in budgeting and forecasting that can help you with any business.

For your current business, we can also assist you in setting up and monitoring KPIs. Otherwise known as key performance indicators, these business metrics can shed light on how close your company is to meeting particular important criteria.

Business support services

Our small business accounting services include supporting a range of routine practices for running a company. We can guide you in first setting up a business; we can then, on a regular and proactive basis, further advise you on how to overcome corporate obstacles.

We offer business support services in the areas of:

Compliance services

Ensuring compliance is a much-valued component of many accountancy services for business, and there is certainly no exception with Profile. Our compliance services enable your company to meet a range of reporting and regulatory hurdles.

These services are hugely varied and include:

Our website includes in-depth information about our professional accountant services and also features an online form that lets you book a free consultation.