How does an accountant help a business? Often, it is by ensuring it stays compliant with a range of legal and regulatory needs. However, our business accounting advice can also extend to supporting various aspects of the day-to-day running of the company.

We can provide this support in various ways. For example, we can take various corporate responsibilities off your hands to help you to make the company more efficient and profitable. Our business support services can include regularly and proactively providing accounting help for a small business.

Even if you are yet to take your first step on your corporate journey, you can rest assured that when you turn to Profile, you can get in touch with an accountant to help start a business. We can then provide the following services to assist you in overcoming a range of work-related challenges.

Xero and bookkeeping

We have partnered with Xero to help you to get up and running with its esteemed cloud accounting software. This software is easy to set up, and we offer a free trial to allow you to assess the merits of Xero for yourself and decide whether you would like to continue using it in the long term.

Our services for Xero-based bookkeeping include:

With Xero, you will have web-based accounts that are kept secure as well as accessible from anywhere. Your latest transactions will be imported and categorised, and professional recurring invoices can be generated. There is also a Xero mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Monthly account management

We are proud to offer intuitive and effective bookkeeping services. However, you need to keep in mind that the information your firm generates through bookkeeping each month will not serve an effective purpose for your company if such information is not being used.

For this reason, we offer a monthly account management service. With this package, you can see not only your monthly accounts, but also information about what money you owe and what money still needs to be paid. However, we will not simply leave you to try to understand this data for yourself.

Instead, we will carefully explain the numbers to you – we want you to understand what it all means and how you can use it to enhance the likes of cash flow and profitability. To find out more about what this level of business accounting help involves, please give us a call on 020 8432 2289.