As you grow your business, it would be unfortunate if it fell short of reporting and regulatory requirements and as a result, slowed in its growth. At Profile, we offer various services that enable businesses to stay compliant with a range of requirements.

Monthly payroll

You can outsource all of your company’s monthly payroll responsibilities to us, letting us use the right software to ensure your workers are paid the right amounts and on time. Our payroll services include calculating and processing payments and producing payslips.


As an employer, you are required to provide and contribute to a compliant auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme for any employees meeting criteria specified by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). This process can be complex and time-consuming, but we can manage it on your behalf.

Quarterly VAT returns

In certain situations, your business might be required to not only register for VAT but also, once registered, send quarterly VAT returns to HMRC. Various administrative rules must be heeded in the submission of these returns, but we can help your business to stay compliant with the rules.

Annual accounts

Without adequate accounting systems and procedures in place, you are unable to determine the long-term financial health of your business, whether in terms of profitability or cash flow. For your business, we can ensure statutory compliance in accounts while providing a comprehensive financial view.

Confirmation statements

If you run a UK-registered company or LLP, you must file what is called a ‘confirmation statement’ every year at Companies House. In 2016, the confirmation statement replaced the annual return. We can file your firm’s confirmation statements compliantly to enable you to avoid tough penalties.

Corporation tax returns

We know that tax can prove significantly expensive for your business. Unfortunately, your business could too easily stumble in attempting to meet its tax obligations. There are many tax pitfalls to heed as a result of ever-complex tax legislation, but we can ready and send corporation tax returns.


If your company is involved in research and development and would like to apply to the government to obtain tax reliefs for innovation, we can prepare and send the application for you. A successful application could save you valuable money that would otherwise disappear in tax.

Personal tax returns

If you remunerate yourself in such a way that business tax obligations fall to you as a director rather than to the business itself, we can prepare and submit your personal tax returns for you. In this way, we can help you to meet filing deadlines and avoid penalties for late submission.

By phoning Profile on 020 8432 2289, you can learn more about these services and the meaning of statutory compliance in accounts.